《Alternative Vision》

“Alternative Vision” is the second art exhibition held by Haohaus in 2016, and the exhibition will take place in Taipei and Hsinchu at the same time. The exhibition invites four Taiwanese artists Tsai Wei-Ting, Zheng Chong-Xiao, Chen Fei-hao, Yen Tzu-Sung and the British artists Tom Rook, Helen Kirwan and Simon Pruciak to participate. The openings are going to take place together at the Taipei and Hsinchu galleries of Haohaus at 2pm respectively on the 26th and 27th of March.


In the age of technology, smartphones are the medium for everyone, from an eight years old child to an elder of eighty, to reach the world. Mobile phones and computers are necessary tools for modern people, which change our social behaviors and lifestyles; Do you remember when was the last time you sent a handwritten greeting card to your friend? When was the last time you read a book? Have you taken a good look at the buildings on the streets and alleys? Can you describe the look of the building you live?

This exhibition attempts to provide viewers a chance of self-reflection and contemplation through engaging themselves with the artworks. Do you see virtual or real environment on these still paintings? Do the works recall to you the street scenes on your way from home to work? On your way to our Taipei gallery in Chengzhong district, did you notice any of the buildings and the look of Taipei Old North Gate before 2016? Have you found a historic relic from the concrete jungle?   

These seven artists invited by Haohaus are going to show how they observe, record and present our living environment in different ways; with their own polishing and modification, they bring new life to the tradition, and their works allow people to pay new attention to our surroundings as well as bring new feelings to the ordinary living.  


Theme│Alternative Vision
Artists │Tom Rook‧Yen Tzu-Sung‧Chen Fei-Hao‧Zheng Chong-Xiao‧Tsai Wei-Ting‧Simon Pruciak &HelenKirwan
Date│2016.3.26(Sun.) –2016.5.22(Sun.)
Opening│Haohaus‧Taipei 2016. 3/26(Sat.)+ 4/30(Sat.)14:00PM
                  Haohaus‧Hsinchu :2016/3/27(Sun.)+ 5/7(Sat.)14:00PM
Address │Haohaus‧Taipei(100台北市中正區重慶南路一段113號3樓)
                  Haohaus‧Hsinchu  (新竹市東區藝術路8號)