Chen Ting-Shih
Artworks include print, ink, sculpture, and acrylic, with an abstract style that transformed and combined Oriental elements into Western arts.

Chen Ting-Shih was born in Fujian, China. Chen lost his hearing at an early age, but it made him had superb focus in his creative works. Chen entered the Sao Paulo Art Biennial Brazil five times, twice in Korea International Print Biennale, and twice in the International Print Biennale of the U.K., he was also involved in joint exhibitions abroad multiple times. Being a part of the "Fifth Moon Group", and "Modern Graphic Art Association", Chen was active during the 1950s and 60s, and later became an important and influential figure in the Taiwanese modern art development. His artworks include print, ink, sculpture, and acrylic, with an abstract style that transformed and combined oriental elements into Western arts.