Hsieh Chen-Yuan
Presenting space ambiguity with photography and printmaking crossovers

Born in 1984 in Taiwan, Yilan, Hsieh Chen-Yuan graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National Chiayi Univeristy and is now living and working in Chiayi. Hsieh crops and reformats photographies, as well as intersperses afterimage of people, geometric blocks, and modern sceneries. His works portray vagueness, noise, uncertainties, and combines personal experience and social events as creative elements. Hsieh's digital print presents space ambiguity with photography and printmaking crossovers. He reuses objects and blurred images and implement the unique characteristics of print: engraving and embossing. With his combination of various anomalous objects and characters, his works present the surrealism of space. With the overlapping effects created by using print, he created images that travels between 2D and 3D spaces, which shows the instability of his mind. His once won the 16th Taiwan International Print Biennale Special Jury Prize with "The Total of Chaos."