Huang Chin Ho
The glowing pioneer of Taiwanese art

Ching-Ho Huang was born in 1956 in Chiayi, Taiwan. He started to learn painting by himself in high school, but stopped while he was studying in Chung Hsing University. His interest in photography opened the door to his research of Taiwanese folk and religion culture. He received the Grand Prize of The 1st Taishin Arts Award, and was invited to 1992 K18 Armory in Kassel, Germany, 1995 The 46th Venezia Biennial and Taipei Biennial Exhibition in 1996 and 1998. His swollen figures and bright neon colors are often seen in his works. He reveals the soul and characters through the image of the society in the 90s in Taiwan.




In the 90s, construction plans started to emerge everywhere, it was the wealthiest time in Taiwan. Meanwhile, it was also the time gambling and stripper culture thrived. In this work, the real estate advertisement spread on the street showing the economic prosperity, yet the strippers reveals the emptiness behind consumerism and materialism. This work depicted the reality of the society, which gives a strong impact to the viewers.