The Power of Connecting
the power of art through time and space

Artists communicates through the works they create. Contemporary artists use visual images to describe their own feelings to the viewer, and inspire the viewer to see the work through their own experience and observation. An outstanding work can go beyond time, geographical, cultural and gender boundaries and collide with the viewer’s mind with excitement. This exhibition- The Power of Connecting travels through time and space, gathering the works of The-Ching Hsieh, Ming-Jong Lee, Ernest Concepcion and Yen-Chao Huang, forming a cross-generational artistic dialogue. A mixture of artists with different backgrounds, upbringings and age, yet they all share similar qualities in their artistic expressions. They see themselves as a great conductor, constantly colliding with the everything in the world, and transform the energy collected into pieces of work with strong visual impact. Each piece of work  is covered with twisted lines, freely spilled colours and exaggerated shapes, thus forming an unknown surreal space, fumed in a mysterious atmosphere, which constructs further levels of imagination. 


Hsieh, Teh-Ching


Hsieh, Teh-Ching is one of the most important contemporary performance artists in Taiwan. His early works are mainly in pastels, sketches, oil paintings and other graphic works. 《竹林中的人》and 《玻璃窗的反照》are works from this stage, which are influenced greatly by the abstract expressionism and native realism in the contemporary art trend in Taiwan. His works are explorations of colours, and his passion towards people and his surroundings. But what is even more noteworthy is the “sense of speed” in his paintings, which reflects his free spirit nature towards

Lee, Min-Jong


Lee, Min-Jong is one of the most important mesozoic contemporary artists in Taiwan. In this exhibition, Haohaus presents works  between 1994 and 1998, which demonstrates his playful nature with colours and shapes. Images are full of the deformed animals, entangled plants, futuristic mechanical object symbols, blossoming up like musical abstraction and  expands pleasurable atmosphere, all in response to his own imagination towards the new form of virtual world.

Huang ,Yen-Chao


Huang ,Yen-Chao’s inspiration comes from his personal experience with his surroundings , he captures moments when his body feels the sense of  speed and spark like an electric shock, and release them into his paintings and sculptures, forming a chaotic tangle of bright lines, which interacts with the audience so that the energy of his work may pass on continuously to more people.Haohaus will a 3 month period site specific project with Yen-Chao Huang. During the working progress, Haohaus will be opened to the public, welcoming everyone to join and participate the journey of the artist. 

Ernest Concepcion


Ernest Concepcion was Born Born in 1977 in Manila, Philippines. He moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2002 and began his first series of work《The Line Wars》, which consist black and white line drawings describing the game of horse riding amongst children, symbolising the opposition relationship between religion, sex and politics. Since then collages of symbols and mix media such as the mixture of pencil and marker, comic and photography, use of religious symbols can often be seen in his work, to express his own reflection towards multiculturalism and cultural consumption of the modern day.


The Power of Art- meet the artists  

date:2015.05.05 (Tue.) 2pm.~4pm.
Venue:Haohaus@ Taipei  3F
Panelists: Li-Hao Chang (art critic and independent curator) 

Artist:Ming-Jong Lee, Yen-Chao Huang 

Min-Jong Lee, a well established artist who plays amongst the clouds of colours. Yen-Chao Huang, an emerging artist who shows speed and energy of a race car in his imagination. Both artists uses free darling lines and colours and made powerful impacts in their generation. In this forum, Haohaus invites Li- Hao Chang to give an insight of the creativity across two artistic generations,and invites you to experience the powerful connection of art.  



Date  2015.4.17 (Fri.) ~ 8.29 (Sat.)

HAOHAUS @Taipei 


Date:2015.4.17 (Fri.)  ~ 5.31 (Sun.)
Hours:11:00-19:00(Mondays&Holidays closed)
Venus:3F,NO.113,Sec.1,Chongqing S.Rd.,Taipei City 100,Taiwan
Free Admission

 HAOHAUS @Hsinchu



Date:2015.4.17 (Fri.)  ~ 8.29 (Sat.)
Hours:09:30-18:30(Sundays.Mondays&Holidays closed)
Venus:No.8, Yishu Rd., Hsinchu City 300,Taiwan

Free Admission

Young Art Taipei

VIP Previewing: 4/24(Fri.) 15:00-20:00
Public Opening: 4/24(Sat.)-26(Sun.)12:00-20:00
Venus: Sheraton Grande Taipei 8+9F ( No. 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei )

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