Lee Min Jong

Born in 1961 in Taipei City. Lee Min Jong is one of iconic Taiwanese and member of Hantoo Art Group. He was educated at Chinese Culture University and received M.F.A degree from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2006. Lee’s artworks picture surreal scenes with vivid colour and shapes in his canvas, in which present happiness to live in the present. Being an artist after 20 years, he got back to the basics of painting. In 2011, he started “Portrait Project” to draw over 300 portraits for people. He chatted with people during portrait drawings and captured people’s personality with his paintbrush. Lee’s Portrait Project is to give art experience to people and encourage them to step into art world. He attempted to define values of art that exists purely between artists and audiences.


36 Sentences That Cats Spoke to Me


In the beginning of computer age in 90s. Lee was excited unlimited possibilities in computer system. He combined some living things’ images with technological symbols, such as keyboards and numbers that result in carnival atmosphere on the canvas. Lee’s works responded his imagination to digitalization.


The April 1st


Lee arranged his paintings with different animals’ symbols and they have dramatic emotions and movements. The artist represents his view of the world under playful and joyful expression.




“Untitled”,the title implies unpredictable possibilities in the future world. Living on earth is always a blessing for human being especially when technologies bring positive effects for people on many aspects. Lee combines various objects in this painting that presents visions of an energetic future.