In an endless universe, millions of years seem like seconds and it is difficult to feel the passing of time even though we are living and counting each moment.

With his visionary art direction, Inn-Yang Low E.H.  uses technology to create “Galaxy”, representing the invisible actions between us.

Pressure from air pumps, pushes colorful balls of light in a procession along twisting tubes, like comets flying across the sky. This beautifully illustrates the passing of time, so you can imagine what it feels like to travel into another space or universe.


This monumental kinetic art installation, represents the never ending, always moving Galaxy where the atoms and molecules that make the Earth, planets, stars, and spaces in between.





.Exhibition Information
VENUE|Chiayi Haohuas Gallery
ADDRESS|No.616, Zhongshan Rd.,West Dist., Chiayi City, TAIWAN