2017 藝術家駐地創作展覽系列 【映心山水-金容沅個展】
2017.2/11 — 2017.3/26




The solo exhibition [The reflection of inner-side:Shen Sui] by Korean artist Kim Yongwon who was invited to Taiwan to create at The Hauhous gallery of Hsinchu. Kim Yongwon majors in traditional ink painting, she is good at employing ordinary stuff, such as lace fabric, and science material, like LED light boxes, giving brand-new looking and modern meaning to the traditional aesthetic of nature. Recording the character that lace brings feminine and romantic, the artist took this to express the magic effect of thousands-changes of Nature in her work. Her works attract people's gaze and they are fully entranced.

This time, Kim Yongwon's " The reflection of inner-side:Shen Sui " solo exhibition, part of the artworks are the creation when visiting Taiwan. She visited the mountains of Taiwan, going to Hsinchu Green Grass Lake, Miaoli Huoyansgan, Chiayi Alishan, and sketched the scenery on site. And then she returned to The Tzefan12 of Hsinchu, finished her new works. The exhibition shows not only her style but also her respect to the famous  Taiwan landscape painting master Lee Tzefan and Xi Dejin.  Kim is also the first artist who has spirit sharing in between the creator and senior artists in Hsinchu, The Haohaus gallery.



2016  山水, 覌 - Landscape sightseeing _Noeli Gallery _Shanghai, China

2015  Mountain and Water, to expose - Boundary of the Inner side _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

2014  Mountain, to expose _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea


2015  Mountain, Inner Exposure _Lotte Department Store - Lotte Gallery Prestige Launge _Ilsan, Korea


2016 好思當代駐村 – 新竹澤藩12

2015 西班牙巴塞隆納 肯色拉國際藝術村

     Can Serrat Art International Residency - Support Stipend _

     Can Serrat International Art Center _Barcelona, Spain




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Open Studio _Can Serrat International Art Center _Barcelona, Spain

ART BUSAN _Bexco _Busan, Korea

Showcase _Gallery Aile _Seoul, Korea

The 44th Hooso-heui Young Artist Exhibition _Hangaram Museum of Art – Seoul Art Center _Seoul, Korea

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LG Smart World – Wallpaper : Artist Collection


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