Past Corridors | Baptiste Tavernier Solo Exhibition
2017.2/7 — 2017.2/28


Born 1981 in France, Baptiste Tavernier pursues a creative path that has led from experimental music through the ancient martial arts of Japan to the painter’s canvas, where his muse now focuses. What common thread has hefollowed?

Trace Tavernier’s polymath oeuvre and you find three stars guiding him: intense concern with pattern and logic;relentless focus on the discipline of craft; and creativeinspiration without horizons.

On canvas, these three elements now fuse to reveal a unique and rigorously observed perspective, elegantly rendered with impeccable craft: mathematically precise mazes that decode in abstraction the form of the world’s great cities.

It is the culmination of a journey that began early in the millennium at Paris University with studies in digital arts and musical composition, influenced by experimental music pioneers like Gerard Grisey, Salvatore Sciarrino and Steve Reich.Tavernier’s path took a dramatic virage in 2006 with the decision to move to Japan and immerse himself in martial arts. As he adapted to the strict codes of his new teachers, living in a small country town, Tavernier had to masternot one but two languages: Japanese and English. Within a decade, though, he had reached the higher ranks in

four disciplines of swordsmanship: naginata (halberd),tankendo (short sword), jukendo (bayonet) and battodo(sword drawing and cutting), and achieved proficiency inthe making and repair of kendo armour.

As he neared the realization of his goals in martial arts,Tavernier’s restless muse sought a fresh creative outlet for craftsmanship that was by then fully mature. So in 2010 he put swords aside and took brush in hand. Since then,friends and collectors have watched with growing awe the evolution of an artist, not yet 40, who seems destined forrecognition as a master in his generation.

出生於1981年的Baptiste Tavernier追求一條通往實驗音樂的創意道路,通過日本古老武術轉化到畫家的畫布上創作,這是他目前與他的繆思所專注的。而他們在這領域遇到甚麼樣的共同點呢?

  當我們追溯Tavernier 的多功能創作中,你會尋找到三個指引他的星星:對於圖騰和邏輯有著強烈的關注;不懈的專注於工藝藝術的規則;以及無盡無涯的創作靈感。在畫布作品上,這三個元素融合成了一個獨特且精確透視的、同時卻優雅的精算並無可挑惕的工藝作品:像是數學般精確的迷宮,在世界上偉大的城市形式中解碼。

  這趟藝術旅程始於千禧年時在巴黎大學的數字藝術和音樂課程,深受實驗音樂先驅影響,像是 Gerard Grisey和Salvatore Sciarrino 以及Steve Reich。Tavernier在2006年決定採取一個戲劇性的轉變----他決定搬去日本,讓他自己沈浸於日本武術中。他住在一個小鎮,並在新老師的嚴格教學中,Tavernie必須專研兩種語言:日語和英語。在這十年中,他已經達到了進階劍術的四門學問級別:naginata(戟),tankendo(短劍),jukendo(刺刀)和battodo(劍畫和切割),並熟練掌握劍道裝甲的製作和修復。


展覽名稱│ Past Corridors - Baptiste Tavernier Solo Exhibition

展期│ 2017/02/07(Wed.) – 2017/02/28(Tue.)             

開幕茶會│ 2017/02/10(Fri.) 17:30  好思當代・台北

展覽地點│ 好思當代‧台北 (台北市中正區重慶南路一段113號3樓)